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Here’s how some members have benefitted...

Due diligence support

We are pleased that the transfer of ownership has gone through and hope to continue our relationship with the process sector through NEPIC. We believe this collaboration is vital to the future of both the Port and the chemical sector. Your help during due diligence process of our sale was extremely useful and would like to thank you for your speedy response in providing information we needed together with your overview on the future of the chemical sector.

PD Ports - David Robinson - CEO

Government advice and support

Impetus would like to thank NEPIC for the assistance given in the development of our project for a new Energy & Technology Business Park. Attracting Air Products renewable energy plant to the park has been a long process, and NEPIC has played a vital role in ensuring we had public sector support and commitment to the project, as well as convincing Air Products that the region had the necessary industrial strengths to support their project.

Impetus - Ian Hunter - Director

Find a business or site

ISP would like to thank you for the help you and your NEPIC colleagues have given us in our expansion assessment. Your considerable support and assistance in all aspects of our search has been extremely valuable. Because we are a United Sates based company and our presence in the Northeast of England is rather small, your comprehensive knowledge of local industry, the local workforce, regulatory requirements as well as introducing us to local companies in the chemical process industries has not only saved us time and frustration but helped secure the future of our Newton Aycliffe operation.

NEPIC has been invaluable in helping ISP improve its business.     

ISP Techwax - Fred Hanna - Production Manager

Business development

NEPIC’s understanding of our business enables new opportunities for us to be identified, the glycerine distillation opportunity you passed on to us is a good example of that. In addition, the opportunity to join in your trade missions has helped us identify new business areas and customer opportunities. The resulting introduction to the Axelera cluster and both companies and academics in France has been useful and this has resulted in us hosting a student from the University of Lyon.  
The NEPIC team has many years of hands-on experience at senior level in the process industries. As a result, NEPIC is able to identify and screen potential projects and partner these with companies in the region. NEPIC introduced us to a major US based chemical company who had a significant enquiry for the manufacture of a water treatment product.
Dow - Ian Stark - Commercial Director

Starting a new business

Tanton Technology, with support and encouragement from the regional cluster organisation, were able to get the business off the ground and secure a technology led small business in the North East. NEPIC assisted directly by requesting a study of the opportunities for continued polyester manufacture in the region, which was used to attract inward investors, as well as with other support and advice. Using the know-how and experience developed in the region in the highly specialised area of polyester technology, we have grown rapidly.

Tanton Technology Ltd - Paul Bartlett - Director

Is it worth moving into the region?

Costain held preliminary discussions with NEPIC about setting up in the region. The insight to local businesses and the initial contacts you provided, helped us to understand the potential of the region and in particular its strong energy and process industry cluster represented by NEPIC. This was a factor in our decision making process.

Costain Energy & Process - Frank Millar - Sector Director - Hydrocarbons & Chemicals

New business opportunities and promotion

As a company we get value from the NEPIC membership, its publications and the work you do at international exhibitions advertising the region and members’ capabilities as well as networking opportunities. We have received a number of enquiries and some business has resulted from that cluster activity.

High Force Research - Bob Redfern - Managing Director

Marketing facilities and capabilities

Lotte Chemical UK appreciates the efforts of NEPIC in trying to find a new owner for the facility. We understand that NEPIC developed, at its own cost, a detailed technical report on the facility to help to attract potential new owners and that you had a number of conversations with several interested parties. We are sure these proactive activities contributed to a successful deal and subsequently the reopening of the facility.

Lotte Chemical UK Limited - Mark Kenrick - Chief Operating Officer

Who can help us with our new project?

NEPIC’s support throughout the process of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation announcing they were to build their new facility on the Lucite International Site in Billingham, was invaluable. Thank you for showing our new Japanese partners that the region’s industry was vibrant and supportive of their investment. The assistance NEPIC gave in securing some public sector funding for the project also helped to tip the balance in favour of investing here in the region. The supply chain insights you gave during the meetings with Mitsubishi helped to support our views of the capabilities locally.

Lucite International - Phil Bailey - European General Manager

Identifying the main opportunity

Ecom Instruments UK Limited was attracted to the region after a period of consultation with NEPIC. The move along with the support of NEPIC has allowed us to enjoy a sustained period of growth in difficult financial times and can now look forward to a bright future here in the North East.

Ecom Instruments UK - Carl Henderson - MD

Making the region attractive for investment

The important work that NEPIC does to attract investment to our region is vital, as we all try to continue to grow our industry for the good of our organisations, the region and the country.  I am really encouraged by what I have read of the government’s thinking in “the path to strong, sustainable and balanced growth” and believe that NEPIC will be able to play a strong role within our region in delivering its aims.  You help us maintain a rightly positive view of our industry and it’s extremely helpful having a group that has collective data, as well as company specific information, that you can use to market the region’s potential and infrastructure.

GSK - Andrew Cockroft - Site Director

Keeping informed about what is happening

2010 was a challenging year on a number of business fronts and I am acutely aware that the service NEPIC provides did not escape the uncertainties which the year raised.  However, I am happy to say the support your organisation has provided did not appear to diminish. The constant contact through regular publications and the variety of seminars/courses available throughout the year are a testament to this. The importance of keeping up to date with Government mandates is critical to our industry and again the opportunity to receive information and give collective feedback on important issues is a key benefit to our membership. The important work that NEPIC does to attract investment to our region is also vital to our region’s growth.

Aesica Pharmaceuticals - Dr Steve Barker - Site Director

Developing logistics

Thank you for the support we received from NEPIC in expanding our logistics operations to serve process industries in the North East since our membership commenced in 2009. The discussions we have held and information received has been useful in helping to shape our future business strategy. We are now working in several new supply chains bringing efficiencies and shared savings to both existing and emerging process facilities. In order to make our Teesside freight terminals fit for the future and able to support growth markets, particularly in the bio-resources sector, we have to invest in adapting and extending our site and infrastructure. To make this viable we have recently applied for assistance from the Regional Growth Fund and NEPIC has been very helpful and in providing information and support to help shape what we hope will be a successful funding bid.

AV Dawson - Gary Dawson - Managing Director

Meeting new customers through NEPC events

A short note to thank NEPIC for inviting me to give a presentation at your Marketing Event. As a result, I am now doing business with a couple of NEPIC members that may well not have transpired without this opportunity.
Wynyard Consultants - Iain Forrest - Digital Marketing Consultant

Getting a business off the ground

We are writing to record the support that we received from NEPIC during the last year in setting up our new business and creating jobs. The discussions we have held and information received has been useful in helping to shape our business ideas going forward.
Driver Group - Martin Woodall - Group Operational Director

Looking for new opportunities

Kilfrost has been experiencing rapid growth over the last few years and are looking to develop our business substantially in the future. We have been helped by the support received from NEPIC staff in providing us with contacts and ideas to assist this growth, and consider the existence of a cluster organisation for our industry sector to be important for long run economic development in
the region.
Kilfrost - Chris Blaxall

Industry profile

Just to say thank you for yesterday, very much appreciated the invite and very uplifting to see how successful NEPIC have been in raising the profile of the Process Industry, particularly with Government.

Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield and Durham Tees Valley Airport - Mike Morton - Airport Director

Competence in health & safety

The North East SHE Partnership (NESHEP) founded in 1999 aligned itself to NEPIC as the ‘SHE arm’ in 2004 to promote health & safety to a wider audience throughout the north east, including NEPIC members which gave NESHEP stronger links with the clients.

We have had invaluable support from NEPIC over the last 7 years to promote and reinforce key health, safety and competency issues across its membership companies and more importantly the workforce. This in turn led to a renewed confidence in the partnership across many more industry sectors and NESHEP is now actively involved with a number of organisations on a
national scale.

NESHEP Chairman - Alan Bassett - Director

NEPIC know the top people

I had been trying to get to meet a foreign company at the right level for several years, I happened to mention this to NEPIC and within minutes I was asked to stay put at an exhibition and the whole management team of that company met with me within the hour. Including the Managing Director! Don’t underestimate how much the NEPIC team is respected around the world.

Exwold Technology - James Robson - Business Development & Finance Director

Doing Business Abroad

First of all, let me extend a big “thank you” for your excellent help and support during the ICC Conference in Mumbai. I think there were a number of excellent contacts that I spoke with that I would not otherwise have met had it not been for the efforts of yourself and Stan, and also more generally of NEPIC, in penetrating this very important market through your efforts over the past few years.

Harrison Goddard Foote - Dr Jonathan Atkinson - Partner

Attracting Overseas Customers

I rarely experienced a mission organised with such level of professionalism and wish to thank you very much for this. My sincere gratitude also goes to those who welcomed us in the different towns we have had the chance to stop by.

UNICA - Emmanuel Dedsplechin - Chief Representative in the EU Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association

New Business Ideas

On behalf of Nzomics, we would like to express our thanks for the support and assistance we have, and are receiving through NEPIC’s delivery of the Regional Transport Biofuels Strategy. Through your introductions we have started discussions with several companies regarding possible future projects in the field of biocatalysis for the process industry.

Nzomics - Prof Gary Black - Technical Director