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Major upgrade to Cracker will create 'many hundreds' of jobs - and safeguard thousands more

SABIC UK's Wilton Cracker will be future-proofed to take imported US shale gas in a 'very significant' investment

Indian Chemical News: Change? Business as usual for the chemical sector

Has there ever been a more changeable outlook for the chemical industry? It seems to me that the process of change in the chemistry using industries has in fact been continuous over the last 100 years. Looking back we have seen the progress of basic chemicals into commodity chemicals then petrochemicals and polymers. Read on>


The Chemical Industry continues to struggle to attract young people and yet the creative industries, where often pay is poorer and opportunities for career progression fewer, children are more excited by the prospects in those industries. The fact of the matter is that our children like to be creative and love the subjects at school involving art, drama and literature .... more>

Tees Valley's Carbon Capture project takes significant step forward

The Tees Valley's drive to create a high value low carbon economy has taken a significant step forward with the appointment of a Co-ordinator for the Teesside Industrial Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) project. Pale Blue Dot Energy, a company with extensive experience developing CCS projects, has been awarded the contract by TVU to build the business case .... more>

SMEs Create a Great First Impression in Sales Pitch Contest at Tees Valley Business Summit

Six Teesside-based companies got a rare opportunity to deliver the ‘perfect pitch’ to a judging panel of key business figures. Witnessed by delegates at the 2014 Tees Valley Business Summit, finalists in the ‘Lift-Off’ competition took to the stage to wow the judges with their pre-recorded pitching videos. Read on>

Exclusive secures six figure NEL investment

thejournal.co.uk: Newcastle firm Exclusive has plans to expand further after achieving a 25% year-on-year turnover growth. A North East recruitment and HR consultancy has secured a second six figure investment from the Finance For Business North East Growth Fund to further advance ongoing development plans...

Chemical News - Stan Higgins article: Rising Global Importance of Renewables

By the end of 2013 the United Kingdom had risen to 4th position in the league table of the World’s most attractive renewable energy markets, investment being spurred on by the global aims to reduce green-house gas emissions...

Disjointed Thinking

According to Ernst & Young (E&Y) by the end of 2013 the UK had risen to 4th position in the league table of the world’s most attractive renewable energy markets - with investment being spurred on by the global aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. More>

Carbon can make products of tomorrow, says NEPIC

Teesside can help lead the way in creating products using greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, according to process sector experts. The North East Process Industry Cluster (NEPIC) will tell people at its International Bioresources Conference tomorrow that Teesside is the ideal place to invest in technology that uses Carbon Dioxide (CO²). More>

Conference on innovative technologies brings business to the North East

More than 100 international delegates visited the North East yesterday for a conference looking at innovative technologies that could transform the carbon usage of the manufacturing industries. The NEPIC International Bioresources Conference, held at the Vermont Hotel in Newcastle, featured a speech from Rich Hall ... more>

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