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Northumberland STEM


NEPIC is the Contract Holder for Northumberland for both the STEMPOINT and STEM Ambassadors Contracts. These contracts are issued by STEMNET and have two clear functions.

The STEMPOINT Contract aims to provide schools and teachers with clear, impartial advice about a wide range of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Enrichment and Enhancement activities. These can include:

  • After School Clubs in any STEM subject
  • Careers events for a wide range of students
  • Competitions, such as designing and racing model cars
  • Events such as engineering shows and opportunities to meet industrial representatives
  • Industrial placement
  • Workshops

plus lots more ...

The STEM Ambassadors Contract aims to link schools with volunteers from industry and academia who can act as role models to young people. By providing a range of opportunities, students and teachers can gain an insight into where STEM qualifications and careers can go. Ambassadors are involved in a range of opportunities, and schools are welcome to approach us with their own ideas. These could include:

  • Help with an After School Club
  • Mentoring students whilst they complete CREST Awards or other projects
  • Offering careers advice about their chosen career
  • Link topics in the National Curriculum to the real world
  • Assist in delivering National Curriculum topics
  • Mock job interviews
  • Dispelling myths about what ‘scientists’ and ‘engineers’ look and act like

plus lots more ...

Click here to find out more about becoming a Northumberland STEM Ambassador.