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Why should I consider a career in the Process Industries?

The Process Industry is a long established, capital intensive and technology driven sector, providing the key building blocks for the products that we all need in our day to day lives. From fertilisers to medicines, plastics to hair dyes, our world would be very different if we didn’t manufacture these materials, so the industry will continue to exist as far ahead as we can see.

The careers that make up the workforce of the sector are varied, interesting, well rewarded and sometimes challenging. Opportunities exist for both graduates and vocational entrants, and cover scientific, engineering and technology, business management, and many other areas. Some roles offer the prospects of world travel, if that is of interest to candidates. All roles offer stable careers in a sector that is constantly evolving, and that, in North East England, is growing year by year.

  • The roles are challenging, but rewarding
  • They offer the chance to develop new products and make a difference to our world
  • The Process Industry is one of the largest employers in the region, and is continuing to grow and evolve
  • Many companies are part of global operations and provide the opportunity to visit and work in many parts of the world

What jobs are available for me?

This can be broken down into three broad areas:

  • Vocational - such as Process, Engineering or Laboratory Technicians
  • Graduate - Professional Chemist, Engineer, Environmental Manager and so on
  • Business Management - including Accountancy, Marketing, IT and others

Some of the technical roles available can be seen by clicking here, but there are many others. Don’t forget that we also have opportunities for all of the usual business management roles too, including finance, marketing and PR, supply chain and logistics. Contact NEPIC if you have a particular query about the role that is right for you
Which companies are there in the region?

The northeast region has more than 500 companies working in this sector, including chemical manufacturers, engineering companies, law firms and many others. To find a full list of the member companies in NEPIC, please see our Members page.

What training will I receive when I start work in the sector?

Most companies offer some training, but the amount varies from company to company. All new employees, at whatever level, will receive some training on the particular aspects of their job and also on health and safety, environmental protection, management systems and so on.